Learn to grow & monetize your LinkedIn audience.

How I've used LinkedIn to go from zero to over 115K followers and over $1.2M in income with zero ads.

I don't brag. My 1,400+ students do.

What's included?


Getting started

Laying the foundation

  • Learn how to develop a profitable sub-niche so you can stand out…

  • Understand the 3 traits you need to grow an audience of raving fans…


Getting attention

Content Creation

  • Re-program how you create content to crush "writer's block" forever…

  • Learn to separate your content into 2 critical parts to iterate and produce rapidly...

  • Focus on creating great content that you can reuse instead of a high volume of subpar posts…


Getting leads

Lead Capture

  • Learn the number one problem with all LinkedIn profiles and how to get past it…

  • Help your audience find you and get more leads in your inbox

  • Learn the only type of CTA to use, to have more prospect conversations...


Getting customers

Business Design

  • Learn how to use 2 incredible prospecting techniques to earn income through Linkedin...

  • Use this method to create weekly income without turning off your audience...

  • Learn about the 80/20 rule and how to apply it to make sales on LinkedIn...

What other creators are saying...

Austin Belcak

"It's one thing to have 100,000 followers, it's another to have 100,000 loyal fans. If my LinkedIn profile was deleted today and I had to start over from scratch, Justin is the first person I would call."

Kevin Dorsey

"Like many of you. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, just 'post and pray' baby. Justin grew from 2,000 followers to over 100,000 in just over 2 years. Crazy. Buy the course. Thank. Me. Later."

Blake Hudson

"If you have a LinkedIn account, purchase Justin Welsh's course. It's really that simple. You are leaving dollars and influence on the table by not leveraging this platform for everything it's worth."

The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction

WelcomeMy Journey
Part 2: The foundation

Defining your sub-nicheYour Persona BuildTrait #1: BackstoryTrait #2: PolarizationTrait #3: Short Stories
Part 3: Content Creation

Path #1: Leading Your AudiencePath #2: Discovering For Your AudiencePath #3: Reporting To Your AudienceThe New & Improved Content MatrixRapid Content IterationDaily Content WorkflowCopywriting 101Using Analytics to Repurpose
Part 4: Building Your Audience

Audience InteractionFinding Relevant PeopleInteracting with Top Performers
Part 5: LinkedIn Lead Capture

The Profile FunnelThe "Hero" Section Of Your ProfileTelling Prospects What You DoClosing With Social Proof & CTA
Part 6: Business Workflow

Inbound Prospecting StrategyOutbound Prospecting StrategySelling On LinkedIn
BONUS: Community

How to accelerate growth with a team


Who is this course for?

Any professional or soon-to-be who wants to grow their LinkedIn brand, get some attention online and earn some income.

Why is building on LinkedIn important?

It isn't for everyone.

But in today's "creator economy", you're seriously behind the 8-ball if you don't have a rock-solid presence on LinkedIn, the world's #1 business platform.

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

My name is Justin Welsh. I'm a former startup executive who went from 2,000 followers to over 100k, and generated $1M in income without a single advertisement. All through LinkedIn.

You absolutely do not have to listen to me, but building on LinkedIn has been one of the greatest things I've ever done for my career.

What will I learn in this course?

You'll learn my operating system for accelerating your audience and income on LinkedIn.

It's the same system I've followed to go from 2,000 to over 115,000 followers, land $1.2M in clients, and speak at some of the biggest events in Silicon Valley & abroad.

Ok. Got it. This must be expensive right?

No. It's $150.

Most LinkedIn courses are like $1,200 or $797, or $479! What's the deal?

This isn't my primary source of income and my main goal is to give back to the community. How many people can actually afford those courses?

What's missing in this course that those other courses charge so much for?

You won't be watching any Oscar-winning cinematography and it isn't shot on some big budget. I'm not sitting on a private plane or in some rented beach house.

It's me in my home office in Nashville, TN giving you the simple information you need to succeed.

Ok, but still...Is it worth $150?

I spent 100+ hours working on this & providing the best resources, so you don't have to. You'll get instant access to the operating system to help you grow on LinkedIn.

I've designed this course to be actionable. It's not some book you read once & shelve. It's a video-based course with a system that you can use every day, and revisit frequently.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on how active you are on LinkedIn. If you follow the lessons and modules, expect to see some good traction in 60-90 days, and you can likely change your life in 6-12 months.

If you do absolutely nothing, you won't see any results.

Ok. What do I do next if I want to enroll?

Click the "Get it now for $150" button below and get started today.

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